Rhapsody in Blue

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Inspired. Exquisite. Limited.

Exquisitely crafted modest fashion ensembles.

Ensemble–icious is committed to delivering elegance and admiration at sensible prices!

Nour Hoda

"I'm totally in love with it"

Shanaya Ramrakhiani

"Adore that pearl detailing..."

Yvonne Harry

"It's absolutely luxurious and soft"

Cristina B.

"Gorgeous ensemble..."


It's a one of a kind style with good fabric quality ❤️ Proud to have one too!

Menchu S.

The sweater [is] absolutely luxurious and soft... The skirt is the perfect shade of pink and it's so beautiful and soft and feminine ❤️💞

Yvonne H.

I lovedd the sweater! One of my best purchases so far. Would love to shop again from you guys.

Anushka C.

Exquisitely crafted. Sensibly priced.

From delicate pearl detailing to elegant patches and beadwork, our pieces are crafted to stand out, reflecting your individual, premium style.

We're proud to bring you this level of quality without breaking the bank. Our commitment to fair pricing ensures you can embrace elegance without compromise.